Our Products

-Sense the liquid level in a tank
-Auto-fill the tank before it becomes empty
-Led indicators to physically monitor the tank
-Use SMS notification or software application to virtually monitor the tank
-A contactless sensor can be used to meet your specific need or application

-Small size, light weight and easy to carry
-Long life battery
-No sim card needed
-Resistant to interference and jamming
-Tracker can be viewed via a web browser or our mobile application
-Black shell, easy to hide, perfect for tracking vehicles, children, elderly persons or assets.

– All you need is a working SIM card  to insert into the device, then you can track and map (with Google Maps) in real-time over the Internet.

-Dial SIM card number, then you can hear voice around this tracker, with no light and no noise, you can monitoring and spy what’s going on around tracker silently and secretly.

– Small and lightweight, so you can attach it to all your important items.
– Find things in hard-to-see places.
– No more searching in dark corners. When Tracker lights flash brightly, you’ll easily spot your missing item anywhere.
– Share tracked items with your family.
– Family Sharing lets you share theTracking devices with multiple people. Set up a group and connect everyone to the TV remote, a tablet, even the family pet.

An Inline switch to power on/off any electric load (up to 100A,220V) from a remote location by simply sending an sms, no need for data or a smart phone. You get instant state feedback by sms. You can also schedule your appliance to be switched everyday at a specific time. This device is ideal for loads such as geyser, electric fence, light, heater, air-conditioner, pump, house main supply…

An isolated switch to turn on/off remote devices such as your gate motor and give access even when you are not around your place, using your phone by simply sending an sms. NO need to buy multiple remotes. This device can be used for different applications and can be configured according to your need.

This device is a simple plug and play large picture frame that  can display digital images as many as your memory stick can hold. Ideal for personal use at home or in the office, the images can be loaded remotely. The screen size can also be selected according to your preference. 

It’s basically a stand alone browser that starts up full screen (kiosk mode) and updates periodically  information such as stats, weather, messages, agenda or any other data from a web-link or folder. It combines everything nicely in a dashboard fashion  according to your desired Screen size. Ideal for your business look, professional presentation or even for personal use.